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Flavour of the month~~ >V<

Learning about it in school, so I'm a little curious...Anybody here have Autism/Asperger's? You don't have to comment, it can be private :nod: 

378 deviants said I do :nod:
357 deviants said Nope :B


Yo, I'm Mo~ :dummy:
Color is closed for a while, so I'm only accepting sketches. Point :points: commissions are closed for now, only accepting paypal payments.

:bulletblack: Since I'm in school, I will take a while to respond or even start your commission. Please just give me time and I will have it up for you as soon as I can :nod:


:star: Prices for color have been tweeked a bit.

:star: Please read through the journal shown below if interested for a commission.

:bulletblack: Only accepting CAD and USD

:bulletblack: Send under goods/services

:bulletblack: Sketch and color commissions will be uploaded on Sundays unless they are a gift and requested to be posted for a special date.

:bulletblack: Sketch commissions will now be uploaded in a group, unless they are a gift for someone. I will also link you with a separate copy from

:bulletblack: If you are paying with points, obviously it's gotta be worth the dollar amount. $1= 80 points (… ) also, please use the donation pool on my profile if you are using points, just so I can keep track better. SKETCH ONLY

Prices listed here :star:  Rules and Commission Prices~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
:bulletblack: Rules:bulletblack:
:bulletblack: If you are noting for a commission, please get back to me within 2-3 days after I reply to you. Don't just leave me hanging, cause others would like a commission as well. Let me know if you're still interested, please!
:bulletblack: OC's/FC's= References. I need them. :|** OC= Original Characters, FC= Fan Characters** ) Always give me a reference for your request, even if I've drawn the character before. Don't tell me that it's in your gallery etc etc, and I have to fetch it. Please link me with a clear/colored reference for me to work with.
:bulletblack: When we are exchanging notes, do not clear the previous replies made. I want to keep every detail for your commission in one place, not in 4-5 different notes.
:bulletblack: Do not pay until I gave the word, even after I give you the price for your commission.
:bulletblack: When yo

Check out others who are taking commissions as well~ :star: **Commissions By Others **Looking to make a commission? Try some of these artists ;) I will add more once I stumble upon them~
:new: :iconmiapon: Info :star: :star:

:iconcharmandrigo: Info :star: :star:

:iconkirafrog: Info :star: :star:

:iconnintendogamer5000: :star: Info :star:

:iconjanuary3rd: :star: Info [Star!]

:iconsoveryunofficial: [Star!] Info (note her) [Star!]

:bulletorange:= Paid  :bulletwhite:= Sketched  :bulletblack:= Inked   :star-half:= Half way :star:= Finished

:bulletblue: Slots :bulletblue:




1. :iconlawman09:

2. :iconblazingbarrager: :bulletorange:

3. :iconrltw-n64-3d: :bulletorange:

4. :iconboodestroyer89:

5. :iconnintendogamer5000:

Pending: :iconpokeshimovic:

:bulletgreen: Posting :bulletgreen:

----Sept 19, 2015----

Hey everyone!

Okay nothing special today, just taking a break from school and drawing at the moment to play-Mario Maker! No surprise, I know~ So if you haven't given me a code to your level(s) please do! Also please check mine and my bro's levels too if you could (mine) :bulletblue: 7DE6-0000-003F-3F50 :bulletblue:, (bro) :bulletblack:F5E2-0000-004D-E1A6 :bulletblack:, we're in need of some stars lol. Ours are a little more on the difficult side, just letting you know. I also gotta redo my Yoshi level to add to my profile <~<

You don't have to list all your levels, just give me one code and I will check out the rest of your levels from there~ Please and thanks :D

----- Sept 8, 2015-----

Sad is is my last day of summer vacation then it's back to hell tomorrow. I mean, SCHOOL! Sorry, don't know what came over me (har har XP)

As bumming as it is, I did have a pretty good summer :)  A few days ago I went to the Toronto Fanexpo as one last summer outing~ We were out all day and it was great! My bro took a picture with this random guy cosplaying as Jason Voorhess (Friday the 13th) and then actually got an autograph from Kane Hodder who played Jason in the series from 7-10. He wrote, "See you in hell", haha :D I met up with SkyeLentNight again, we chatted a bit and I gave her some sketches from my sketch book~ Twas nice, I just hope more peeps show up next year! Come on, I wanna meet you guys :XD: As for art booths, I visited TheBourgyman and kevinbolk again, which I'm sure I will every year and I look forward to it -~- I bought a commission each, some buttons from Yves and a comic from Kevin :lol: Friends and some family members are encouraging me to open a booth there, and I am considering it...though I need just a bit more time to get my skill up I think. So yeah, somebody we might try it out :aww: Other little things I bought hmm let's see, oh, I got 4 old school GB games, a really cool Luigi figure that I haven't opened yet ( just like Mario, haha) and I randomly bought some Nintendo stickers. Dumb me though, since they were for a sticker album, so some of the stickers were puzzle pieces lol. My bad....give me a break, I haven't had a sticker album is years lol XD Aside from the expo, I'm happy I got nice chunk of comics posted and worked up a nice chunk of change with commissions during the summer. Thanks to everyone who helped out, it's really appreciated~

Now with school starting there's the holidays to look forward to, and the upcoming Amiibo day this Friday. Though, my class starts too early where I can't make it to pick up a few before school =-= but, we worked up a team to snag these little guys, haha. My schedule this semester is two days in placement, two days on campus, and one online course. I think the only thing I'm not looking forward to is once again, my placement binder. Before my last semester ended they gave us an outline of what we had to do for 3rd placement...and yeah, it scares me :I  Of course art is obviously going to sloooow down a lot! I will try here and there to post or snag some commissions, but yeah we all know skewl comes first. On a good note, the last page of Pranksters is almost done, so I might have it finished this weekend. I'm gonna sketch up the last few panels today with what little paper I have. I'm seriously low, I have like 4 sheets lol :XD: Well, in any case...wish me luck this semester, guys. Hopefully the stress doesn't  make me rage so much like last year lol.

I think that's everything I wanted to cover...most of you are already back at school, either started last week or starting today. I just wanna wish everyone a good school year and hope your summer vacation was a great one! :w00t:

Thanks for reading :)

-----July 18, 2015----

Hey everyone, tis time for another journal update, weeeeeeeeee~ ( yeah not that exciting :.)

Anyways, birthday is over, so it's back to work on stuff, haha. I already thanked pretty much everyone who came to my page, but yeah, thanks again :D For those who made me a little something, I will get to them in a bit later today. Been clearing out msgs like all morning, and I need to get some drawing done on my end :XD: I will say that I love them though~ That mention feature is awesome. Easy access, heh~

Since I'm in a super good mood due how well my b-day went ( on/offline) I will post SMB once I finish up the last two panels. I was gonna save it for when I started school so there would be something during my semester, but change of heart~ Also, after this page I will take a break from the main series stuff. It's hard to keep motivation high when you're been working on it for so's been almost 8 years lol. Aside from that, I do wanna work on a mini series since I do have high interest in it, and I wanna try to complete it before posting it, or at the least, be ahead by a few pgs. So SMB and MzM need to be put aside in order for me to get this started. I hope you guys don't mind too much, but I'm sure the mini series will put a smile on youz guyz facez :D

Sketch it now actually, and will be worked on in between commissions~

Anyways, thanks for reading :D

----June 20,2015----

Whelp, E3 and my little break are over. Some excitement and quite a bit of disappointment this year lol...Most likely tomorrow I will open color commissions, but will start working on them on the Monday. I will finish off whatever panels I have left on my comp and sketch a bit more tomorrow or something. Always need dah money after E3 :XD:

But yeah, E3 was an alright year. I gotta say that Sony won BIG TIME!! :O I am itching for a PS4 now cause of the new South Park game :D Their exclusives are good, but South Park was the real push I needed, haha.  Uncharted 4, The Last Guardian and Sony's new IP, Horizon, looked cool. Though, I will wait on reviews for Horizon, cause I looked forward to the Order and that seemed to be very bland. I also like Unravel from EA and Cuphead, though I think that one is only for Xbox ^^; On Nintendo's side, the only games (that were NEW) that got my attention were Starfox, Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam and Mario Tennis. Twas very meh year for them...I hope they can do better next E3, or surprise us with something super awesome during the year in a direct. Oh, and of course the over flow of Amiibo this fall/holiday is freakin' crazy! What's worse is I can't even pre-order them at EB anymore cause of Nintendo and their stupid's gonna be rough, so wish me luck guys :(

*sigh* Sometimes I just wanna kick Nintendo right in the face...very VERY peeved at them right now :P

Anyways, thanks for reading~ Anybody else watch E3? What were your thoughts? :)

----May 2, 2015----

Hey everyone!

Whelp, yesterday was my last day of exams, so my hellish semester is over! *dances*- though, I'm not totally out of the woods since I have to register for an English course on Monday due to my errors on my part ^^; So I'll have one class during the summer, I think 2 days a week until the end of July (if I understood the schedule correctly...cause something doesn't add up). I'm still a bit sour about the situation cause I wanted a complete summer AWAY from there lol...sometimes I feel fine, other times- GAH! I suppose I just need to be a weeks in and it won't bother me as much. I'm sure you guys would feel the same after a stressful semester no? I just wanna be left alone :|

So yeah, hopefully this class won't be deceiving cause I wanna DRAW (and earn some moneyz <o< ). And speaking of...I do have to get to things I owe such as contest prizes, collabs and a color commission I promised. Color is still not open, but I will take another 5 sketches for now then get sketching for SMB. I need some comics posted before September! Tis a must!

Thanks for having patience with me, guys. I'll do my best to get some reading material up :lol:


January 9th, 2015

Lots  of stuff to cover in this entry...

First off!-

:bulletred: Holidays :bulletred:

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope everybody had an awesome holiday, twas pretty good on my end, we just didn't get any snow for Christmas this year :( Me, my bro and younger cousins mostly Smashed for Christmas eve/day, but also played a bit of Wii Bowling and NES Remix (got it for my bro, haha :D) This Christmas I got a GC Luigi controller, two Amiibos ( Kirby and Luigi), Captain Toad, The Evil Within ( so awesome :noes:), some gifts cards along with some cash, and wait for it- SOCKS! Every time I do laundry I keep getting less and less drives me nuts, so you have no idea how happy I was to get some new ones, haha. Augh, shame all this holiday stuff is's gonna be pretty slow :(

:bulletblack: School :bulletblack:

With the holidays over that means I r haz to go bak to schewl :depressed: It opens on Monday, but with my schedule I get to go back on the 14th ( WOOP! :D ) Mondays are my placement days ( which I don't have yet) and no classes on Tuesday. This means I get an extra day for homework, and possibly some time for drawing you know what :dance: But of course, school comes first, so it all depends on how much I get done and how much energy I have left to even start drawing. We'll see how this semester goes though, maybe it will work out better for me than first. Oh god, how I hate the placement binders :x

:bulletgreen: Commissions :bulletgreen:

Commissions will continue, though they will be sketch only and I won't take a bunch at a time. Whatever I feel I can handle with this semester. I know there are some who are annoyed with me doing commissions, but I'm sorry, I gotta do them. I need some money while I'm in school, and with me having a hard time just doing the homework, it would be very difficult for me to juggle a job and school at the same time. Works for some people, but not me. So if the commissions bother you that much, I don't know what to tell you...unwatch me if you feel it's too much. I will still continue my art/comics at my own pace, I can't please everyone.

-----August 8, 2014-----

**DA story**

Been seeing a lot of these today, so I don't know, I guess I might as well join in for the fun of it, ha ha =p

Hmm, let's see, it all started when Mario, the princess and I went to Dinosaur Land for a vacation-



Anyways, back in 2007 and earlier in my teen life I would search up Mario art, comics, and cartoons ( Just about anything to get my fix lol. ) So I ended up following a few sites such as Lemmy's Land, The Koopatorivm, and The Mushroom Kingdom. They had some neat stuff, and at times not so great stuff. Like sprite comics...which I just couldn't stand :| Twas very hard to find some good Mario comics during that time. The odd time though, I would try to look for Luigi and Daisy art, even fanfics ( gah, embarrassing -///- ) and as most ( from what I've read in their DA stories ) went to Youtube to look for some art. I found some music videos with the couple, and I looked through the comments to see where they were from. Surprise! DeviantArt had my fix! :XD:

The videos had art from LoveandCake, saiiko and others ( which I don't remember sadly ) then about a month or so, later I joined DA. I was inspried by LoveandCake's couple artwork and overall style at the time, which led me to draw my small mini comic of Luigi and Daisy as little kids ( burn all my old stuff, BURN IT!! DX ) Although one of my bigger inspirations wasn't on DA, but on a Nintendo fourm. He happened to join DA a few months later, and that person was YoshiMan1118 :aww: Seeing his short comics inspried me to give my own ideas a try, since I was ( still kinda am ) shy about my work ^^; Him and others like, TheBourgyman ( that " Mmm, fish " pic from the Koopatorivm XD ), wackko200 ( big Koopaling inspiration ), SuperCaterina, and even saiiko, I kinda stumbled upon outside of DA and then eventually befriended here later on. Funny how things work :lol:

So that's my little story on how I joined the glory that is DeviantArt :noes: I've gotten quite a few mentions of me in other people's stories, and I couldn't help but smile a bit.  Since it was pretty much what I went through lol. Happy to know that my stuff got you guys to join :aww:

Happy 14th Birthday, DA :party:

----August 5, 2014----

For anyone who was interested in the dub, it has been uploaded by JSGEntertainment ''Hi I'm Pregnant'' comic dub by JSGEntertainment

-----May 12th, 2014-----

Hey, guys! Just here for an update on things. :3

Comics: As I said earlier in a previous journal, I would finish up 4 pages ( 2 from each series ) and start posting again. Well, SMB pg 50 is 2 panels away from being completed, so that'll be done this week. That doesn't mean that once it's done comics will go up. I have set a date to start again and it'll be on June 1st . Each page will be posted on the first of every month ( provided I keep this pace going. ) I will put up a section on my profile for each pages update, so if you are one of those who ask and ask when these pages are coming out, I will not reply to you anymore. Don't bother to read, I won't bother to answer you.

Current Style: Lately I've been getting some I don't know, " complaints" or the general need to point out your preference of style on how I draw Peach and Daisy. Stop, please. It's okay to have a preference, but to keep pointing it to me is getting annoying. I draw the style I WANT/LIKE. Not your preference. I personally didn't like my old style, so I wanted to improve on it. And quite frankly, it feels a little insulting when I'm trying to better myself and I get these remarks. I am not drawing my old style, simple as that. Critique if you want, but don't be rude about it. I will learn from my mistakes, and I'm proud of my current style/progress.

Donations: Currently this idea as been in my head lately, but I'm not completely up for the idea yet. Still need to think about it, so I won't say much for now. I will post a journal when the time comes.

Anyways, that's all I've got lol. Thanks for reading :3


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